Friday, June 3, 2011

FIlm Producer Celebrates in New Orleans with Family and Friends

Maniko Barthelemy (in Jovani)
 Cake designed by Kimberly Gibson,
No, it wasn’t the Oscars. But when guests hit the red carpet in New Orleans for a private screening of two documentaries, the tone of the private event had all of the glitz, glamour and elegance reflective of a dazzling Hollywood premiere and awards show.

Richard Baptiste

Yvette Crocker and Lisa Williamson

Sherinell Allen

Blanche Vaughn and Kendall Richardson
Jordan and Joshua Hughes
Debra and Ken Barthelemy
Rodney and Janice Baptiste

Talib and Natalie Abdulkhabir
Desiree Mason and Lawren Mason

Connie Jacobs

From left: Keyiana Williams, Amanda Washington and Brandon Williams
Tanya and Gary Evans
Dana Kaplan
Deidra Sampson
Dedra Sampson
Chelsia Hughes
From left: Johnette Dillon, Mariah Dillon and Chelsia Hughes

Veronica Burgos
Merrell Merricks and Kelly Steed
Robin and Stevie Jenkins
Kevin Westhues and Les Meyers
Ralph Vaughn and Kendall Richardson
Trene Jenkins and Norman Stovall
Jewel Doyle-Cozart

Nedra Bell

Nyoka Ormstead
Donna Smith and Maniko Barthelemy

Kayla Barthelemy

Johnel Washington

Colenz Breaux

Natalie Moser
Erin Terveer

Robyn Stone

From left: Maniko Barthelemy, Kayla Barthelemy and Farrell Barthelemy
Darryl Lumpkins

Lisa Tahir
Tiffany and Josh Barthelemy

Omar and Carla Mason

Mariah Dillon
 Once guests screened “The Unlikely Sex Offenders” and “From Wrong to Right,” film producer and New Orleans native Maniko Barthelemy was greeted with a standing ovation, as she entered the ballroom at the New Orleans Renaissance Arts hotel. “A party in my hometown is perhaps the best way to say thank you to people who have supported my transition from television reporter to film producer. I did not expect to cry when I entered the room but I couldn’t hold back the tears,” Barthelemy said.

She made it a point to extend her southern hospitality by hugging every guest and personally thanking them for their support. The evening of well-wishes, emotional speeches, dancing and of course New Orleans cuisine, ended with a traditional New Orleans second-line to rhythmic and intoxicating sounds of the Stooges brass band.

After a quick wardrobe change, it was time for Maniko to end the party with a New Orleans second-line.

The Stooges Brass Band gave everyone an intense and energetic workout.

Guests joined Maniko in her high stepping in high heels from the dance floor into the hotel lobby.

Barthelemy recently received a master’s degree from American University in film producing. She is currently the CEO of Southern Belle Productions, LLC and in pre-production on two films. “Louisiana’s Juvenile Reform Puzzle,” examines the problems, plight and progress of the Louisiana juvenile justice system. “After I’m Free” is a film about life after an inmate is exonerated.

Event photos provided by New Orleans photographer Zee Amir (504) 319-5730. Feel free to contact Maniko Barthelemy at