Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Film Shows Life After Infidelity and Same-Sex Attraction

by Maniko Barthelemy

Love and Marriage Unravel in "I Thought It Was Forever"

Whether you go to a chapel, courthouse or seal your love with a kiss at a lavish ceremony, marriage has at its core the expectation of lifelong happiness. What happens when your spouse reveals an unnerving truth that interrupts joy and peace in your life? In "I Thought It Was Forever" couples boldly and candidly remove all stereotypes and rumors about life after a spouse comes out. Visit the film's social media page at

As soon as the page reaches 500 likes, Southern Belle Productions will release it online for free. See the trailer, meet the cast and crew at Leave a comment on the page about the film, the issue or your personal experience.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Film Boldly Examines Life Hours After Ex-Offender Leaves Prison

Photo courtesy: Jeff Ray for Southern Belle Productions

How do ex-offenders meet or defy expectations?
by Maniko Barthelemy|

Prison undoubtedly changes people. When you hear the word Reentry, what comes to mind? Between reality TV shows, misconceptions and expectations, the actual determining factor that defines someone's life after prison has a lot to do with the first 24 hours of freedom. 

What makes coming home from prison a fresh start or a setback? Southern Belle Productions, LLC​ is in the pre-production phase of a documentary unapologetically showing the reality of attitudes and expectations when someone is released from prison in Louisiana. 

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