Monday, June 17, 2013

Secret Sex, Adultery and Undercover Homosexuality all unravel in "I Thought It Was Forever"
How many gay people do you know are living in a traditional marriage and secretly having an affair with another gay person? Reportedly nearly two million people across the U.S. are concealing their sexual identity. You can likely recall at least one politician or actor coming out in a traditional marriage, after living in the closet for years.

Go beyond the same-sex marriage, adultery and divorce scandals sensationalized for "reality TV" and see how everyday people really react to a spouse coming out. In "I Thought It Was Forever," seven diverse people, start out as most people do, dreaming of being loved, honored and cherished authentically. But when the fairy tale ends, real life comes crashing down, forcing them to answer an unnerving question. Do you remain married and keep up a facade or do you come to grips with the best way to end what you couldn't predict? 

Randy, Sue, Melissa, Joy, Carolyn, Lorraine and Marc are not fantasy characters, celebrities or politicians. They share stories that are more moving than fiction. This candid film delves into what happens when love can't conquer all with an emphasis on the extraordinary resilience it takes to accept dreams don’t have to come true.

“Sometimes you just don’t love somebody forever.”                             Melissa

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The film screens July 20 at American University's Wechsler Theater. Here is the link to the trailer and ticket information,

"I Thought It Was Forever" is a Southern Belle Productions film. Maniko Barthelemy is the executive producer and company CEO.

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