Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prison, Death and Love

Would you have the strength to nurse someone to their death? Would you trust a killer to nurse you to death? Turn to OWN, Channel 279, Direct TV for "Serving Life," a documentary that pushes past prison boundaries and stereotypes about Angola inmates and a vastly different DEATH ROW.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The 50-year-old Overdue Apology

Sometimes alcohol and arrogance serve as a platform and opportunity mixed with an excuse for many people to spew insults, disrespect and offend those they profess to love dearly. Could you forgive a recovering alcoholic for throwing you out of your hotel room naked? If a man tells you every time you had sex it was just sex and never love-making, how would you respond? What do you say to your former best friend who owes you thousands of dollars, disappears and shows up 20 years later at your door?

In the documentary Despicable Dick and Righteous Richard, a 68-year-old recovering alcoholic vehemently and personally apologizes to a select group of family, friends and foes. For nearly 50 years, Richard Kuchera conned, rejected and humiliated everyone from his siblings and children to business partners, ex-wives and ex-mistresses.

His nickname amongst those he’s hurt is “Dick.” “I’m trying to change my life and become Richard,” Kuchera says in the film that follows his road to redemption. As he travels from his home in North Dakota, crosses the Great Plains region and closes out his apology tour in Vegas, Kuchera meets acceptance and resistance. During his visits, Kuchera gets a taste of what he dished out so freely for years, as some find his request for forgiveness laughable, while others feel it’s long overdue.

When this film comes to your local theatre, film festival or gets picked up by a broadcast network, tune-in for a raw peek into how one man’s desire to make amends teaches us all a valuable lesson about choices, consequences and courage. You will laugh, cry and scream a few select words throughout the 70-minute documentary.  Despicable Dick and Righteous Richard is directed by Joshua Neale. Here’s the trailer:

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