Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We're away for a few weeks this month, doing some research and on-camera interviews in New Orleans for two films, as well as relaxing a bit with some unforgettable food and spectacular musicians. Here's a quick look at some of the articles we have coming up later this month.

An NFL player takes his skills from the field to the kitchen, all in an effort to leave a legacy for his children and grandchildren. On Newsheels.BlogSpot.com, we will introduce you to the player and his special recipe that may change the way you serve up your family favorite dishes.

Millions of women serving in the military have one thing in common that will horrify you and perhaps encourage millions of others to break their silence. A review of a bold documentary about what scars these women for life, is also coming up later this month on NewsHeels.BlogSpot.com.

How are you spending your vacation? Send your comments directly to Maniko Barthelemy at Newsheels@gmail.com.