Saturday, August 22, 2009


It Takes a Village

As school doors open this fall, many children will enter their classrooms hoping for something many of their classmates take for granted, loving parents. During a recent conversation with a child in my family, I complimented the teenager on how well he was doing in a pre-law class, now that he's in high school. I asked several questions about the course and encouraged him to call me daily, with updates. Little did I know, our conversation would become part therapy and eyeopener.

The 14-year-old began to cry and told me how much he appreciated my kind words. He's being raised by his grandmother because both of his birth parents are irresponsible in ways that would disgust the average parent. However, what both parents are failing to understand is that their child, simply wants kind words, a visit to his school for lunch and some quality time. Children have an amazing ability to forgive people and hold on to the good. The problem is that some adults, routinely dismiss children's emotions, leaving room for a terrible emotional whole in the child's heart. Thankfully, I can be of some help and comfort, as my nephew actively seeks encouragement, despite his feelings of abandonment.


  1. Very's amazing what kind words can do! I make it a habit to tell Elijah daily how much I love him and what an AMAZING kid he is!! Mason just gets lots of love and kisses to encourage him these days!

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