Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Three Way Collision Hits Big Screen

Right Question and Wrong Answer Twists Lives of Couple

Sometimes a man and a woman have an understanding, only they understand.  But in most relationships, it’s a sure bet a woman dating a man will lose her composure, when condoms fall out of her boyfriend’s jacket and another woman leaves the man a seductive voice mail. Instinctively the woman becomes a detective and the man is certainly guilty as charged.
Photo courtesy of Julian Renner
In Julian Renner’s film “The Three Way,” which recently screened at the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza in Washington, DC, 20-something Tasha and Mike, a young couple makes life-changing decisions about their relationship. Throw in a secret pregnancy, a marriage proposal and infidelity and Renner has the perfect emotional gumbo that keeps viewers interested and glued to the screen. “I just started writing a movie about a guy who was cheating on his girlfriend and how he was going to keep it going and not get caught,” says Renner. 
Julian Renner & Maniko Barthelemy at the West End Cinema host of the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza
Tasha loves Mike and they share a cozy apartment, living like a married couple. Their lives seem quite predictable both work a decent job and on some level share the bills. You pull for the two to make it in the beginning because there are so many similarities and they honestly make a cute couple. “This is a movie you have to see from beginning to end otherwise you miss the love connection that could come between the two actors,” says Renner.

The ugliness that unravels after Tasha surprises Mike by coming home early to fix dinner pulls you into a world that’s a healthy balance of a soap opera and a reality show, starring people who are lot like you and me.  Tasha finds condoms in Mike’s work shirt, so she picks up the phone and calls her two most trusted friends. Mike counters Tasha’s plan with his own by calling a gay male co-worker to come over and explain the condoms drama to Tasha.
Film production photo courtesy of Julian Renner.
Shane Jacobsen (Sam) and Delance Minefee (Mike)
Everyone in this film learns a valuable lesson; never ask a piercing question about life and love, if you’re not really prepared to deal with the answer. 
Film production photo courtesy of Julian Renner.
 Sofia Rodriguez (Fiona) and Medina Senghore (Dee)
Here’s a link to the Web site for “The Three Way,” http://thethreewaymovie.com/THE_THREE_WAY_MOVIE/CAST_WAY_4.html and keep your eyes peeled for the film coming to a theater near you. Of course, don’t forget to like the Facebook page here, https://www.facebook.com/Threewaymovie, and leave a comment on the page for the cast and crew.
Sofia Rodriguez (Fiona), Maniko Barthelemy, Spencer Johnson (RIFE founder) and Karma Berry (Tasha)

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