Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Note about Fundraising

Here's How Not to Lose Your Future Donation

Donors, mass distribution of an organization’s mission and proven success of its programs are all keys to the healthy fate and future of non-profits big and small. It’s no secret, to raise awareness and funds, non-profits host a series of fundraisers. The events range from casual and thrifty to exclusive and extravagant.

The events hold robust power. From the entrance to the exit of potential and faithful donors who appear at a fundraiser, how guests are greeted and treated encourages or discourages them to spread the word about a non-profit and open their checkbooks.

Here are a few tips for non-profits on any level to consider when hosting a fundraiser;

1. Always have guests sign a contact sheet, upon entering your event. The information on the sheet gives you the opportunity to thank your guests with a card or special note, as well as routine updates about the progress of your organization.

2. The first face a guest should see is someone from your board of directors and if possible someone who exemplifies the organization’s purpose.

3. A small pamphlet with people, places and faces that explain your organization’s mission, success and goals.

4. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks are at the very least a mandatory addition to your event. If you ask people to take hours out of their day, come to your event and make a donation, the least you can offer is a tasty light snack.

5. Network and mingle with everyone. Nothing turns potential or faithful donors off more than an unofficial snub from members of an organization seeking support

6. Throughout the event, find a classy, creative and continuous way to thank everyone for coming out and inform your guests of ways to stay in touch with the organization beyond the fundraiser.
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