Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"I Thought It Was Forever" Crew Thanks Supporters

Thanks to all of the more than 30 people who donated more than $4,000 to the “I Thought It Was Forever” completion fundraising campaign. As outlined on our IndieGoGo page, each gift was tax-deductible and came with a signature token of appreciation from the crew. Starting the week of June 18, gifts and letters with instructions on how to claim your deduction next year, will be mailed to you.
Your financial support and the sharing of the film’s trailer with nearly 4,000 views in our 60-day period surpassed what some would label as an unachievable goal for an independent film about real people. Southern Belle Productions is in the final stages of filming “I Thought It Was Forever.” We know you are all anxiously awaiting the finished film and we will spend nearly three months writing and editing the documentary to ensure it has the quality and integrity that comes with the trust all cast members have put in the hands of our well-experienced crew.
We invite you to follow the progress of the film on our Facebook page by clicking on the link: For more information on the cast, crew and content, please view previous blog entries on this page. You can also share your comments with Maniko Barthelemy directly at

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