Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"I Thought It Was Forever" Weekly All Access Cast Rewind

Photo Courtesy of Marc
When a car crash nearly ended Marc's life, he found the courage to face what he avoided for years, at the risk of losing everything he worked hard to accomplish, his marriage, children and a happy life. "I knew I had to tell Lorraine because I realized I could have died and she'd never really know the person she married," says Marc. 

A quick glance at Lorraine in middle school was all Marc needed to know there was something special about the young woman he'd later marry. "I just looked at her and it was like seeing an angel," says Marc. Like many middle school crushes, Lorraine and Marc had a consistently inconsistent relationship. However, their connection and attraction excelled far beyond just physical, leaving room for their friendship and trust to  intensify. "We lived near each other and would meet up a lot at the mailbox and just talk about things that were going on in our lives," says Marc.
Photo Courtesy of Marc
Marc and Lorraine share their story of love gained, lost and life after the unraveling of their 16-year marriage, the result of falling out of love, Marc coming out and coming to grips with his true identity. We invite you to view the "I Thought It Was Forever" trailer at 

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