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"I Thought It Was Forever" Weekly All Access Cast Rewind

Are you able to live and find your happiness, after an unpredictable relationship bombshell? What would you do if you found out your spouse was secretly gay or if the person you thought was gay, was secretly straight? Instantly, you may be like many people who contemplate murder/suicide, revenge, or some sort of calculated and intensely dramatic way to pay the person back for hurting you. 

That's exactly why "I Thought It Was Forever" is an important, universal and timely documentary. Through on-camera interviews, personal photos and candid commentary, the documentary examines exactly how seven people dealt with the unnerving question that seems to be rather easy to answer. The reactions and reality of every cast member will heighten awareness and spark conversations about same-sex marriage, attraction, et that are still taboo in many families.

Every week, leading up to May 16th, which is the deadline to raise completion funds for "I Thought It Was Forever," on this blog, you'll get a cast recap.  You can view the trailer and pledge a donation at
Randy & Sue
Photo Courtesy of Randy
"I woke up excited about our 21st wedding anniversary and all the titles I treasured, being a father, husband and friend, were erased," says Randy, after finding out Sue was having an affair with a woman. The couple met while Randy was serving in the Air Force in England, during the '70s. 
Photo Courtesy of Lawrence Dortch

Randy is on some level able to accept his life to the woman he wanted and believed was his true love just didn't work out as he dreamed. "God answers all prayers and sometimes the answer is no," he says. 
During her recent interview, Sue reflects on her life before coming out
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Ray

While Randy only recently accepted his reality, his ex-wife says she told Randy very early in the marriage exactly how she felt. "He wanted to have an open marriage and wanted me to just go away on the weekends and do what I wanted to do and come home and be with him but I told him about five years after we were married, it wasn't going to work," says Sue.
Photo Courtesy of Lawrence Dortch

Today, Sue is in a committed relationship with Jackie. Just like Sue, Jackie was in a traditional marriage for several years before she came out to her family and divorced her husband. "It's not like we get married to people and purposefully set out to hurt them," says Jackie.
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Ray

Be sure to log on next week to meet Marc & Lorraine. Years of silence, sadness and suppressing disappointment, gradually replaced their cookie-cutter happiness that began when the couple met in middle school. After a 16-year marriage, where at least nine years were overshadowed with financial burdens and emotional turbulence, both took a heartbreaking step away from their marriage and divorced. "I had a nearly fatal car accident and almost died and I remember thinking, if I'd died, Lorraine would have never known who she really married," says Marc.
Photo Courtesy of Marc

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