Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"I Thought It Was Forever" Fundraising Campaign Update

Every week on this blog, Southern Belle Productions will publicly thank everyone who donates to the completion funds campaign for "I Thought It Was Forever." The film is a combination of "Broke Back Mountain,"Waiting to Exhale," and TV Land's "Happily Divorced," only the cast is real and you'll likely identify with at least one person's story. Please view and share the link to the trailer for "I Thought It Was Forever" at 
Just like big budget studio-financed films, financial support is critical for a documentary to move from creation to completion. We salute all of our donors and welcome more donations and comments. We're also on Facebook at

We have 36 days left to raise the remainder of the $15,000 needed to complete 'I Thought It Was Forever." Thanks to a combination of checks and online donations made in the last seven days by Tanya Evans, Karen Nelson, Curtis Crutchfield, Denise Douglas, Natalie Bell and Rotanda Brown, we've raised $2,320. We welcome more comments and contributions. 

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