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"I Thought It Was Forever" Weekly All Access Pass

by Alleathea Carter-Perkins and Tiffani Horne
From concept to creation and completion, the progress of a documentary like "I Thought It Was Forever" depends heavily on a well-experienced crew, brave cast and donations. The film is like "Broke Back Mountain" meets "Modern Family" and "Happily Divorced," only the people in "I Thought It Was Forever" are real, their stories candid and the outcome is unpredictable.

Throughout the online fundraising campaign to raise $15,000 in completion funds for the film, on this blog you will get a weekly in-depth look at a member of the cast and crew making the universal film possible. This week, Southern Belle Productions, LLC introduces you to Associate Producer, Alleathea Carter-Perkins and cast member, Trudi.

Alleathea Carter-Perkins is an accomplished television production professional with over seven years of experience. She recently completed a Promotional Video for an historic church in Baltimore, MD called “St. Paul Community Baptist Church: Spreading the Good News of the Gospel”. The video highlights the many ministries and efforts the church does every year as a promotional tool for those interested and for new members as well.

Photo Courtesy of Lawrence Dortch
Alleathea is also a Post Production Coordinator for Planet Green and Discovery Fit & Health, two premiere networks from the Discovery Communications network family. Over the past 7 years, she has enjoyed creating documentary and non-fiction television and is excited about her current projects such as “I Thought It Was Forever” and future projects.
Her interests include dispelling myths and exposing misconceptions through documentary television. “What I like about I Thought It Was Forever” is that anyone can relate to love lost,” she says. Alleathea is currently developing a documentary about adults who have chosen to remain virgins the constant pressures of a bombarded with sexual images and pressures to try anything sexually, at least once.
Trudi's Story
Trudi is the daughter of Randy and Sue. After more than 20 years of being married, Sue came out and started a new life with Jackie. Long before Randy and Sue divorced, Trudi noticed a downward emotional spiral consuming her family. Growing up in a traditional home provided a lifetime of cherishing childhood memories. However, as time progressed and Trudi got older, she bore witness to an evolution of unraveling secrets in her parent’s marriage. "I started to feel like I was losing both of them," she says.
Photo Courtesy of Randy
In the beginning, life for the Spires family was good. Trudi spent the majority of her childhood in England. The Spires family would later relocate to the United States. As Trudi aged into her teen years, her parents’ marriage began to skyrocket into a catastrophe. Her mother was keeping something inside, something that would soon be exposed and change the family forever. Trudi’s mother was gay. When Randy discovered his wife’s secret after reading a steamy love letter from his wife to another woman, Trudi’s life would never be the same. “It made me get closer to God.” she says. 

Trudi recalls the arguments and tension in the house as her parents’ marriage came to a fiery end. “I remember my dad punching the wall because he was so angry.” Trudi recalls. While her father dealt with the fact that his wife was leaving him for another woman, Trudi felt trapped in the middle. She was also losing 
something too.

Randy’s relationship wasn’t the only one changing. Growing up, Trudi was always closer to her mother. As her mother’s attention strayed away from the family, Trudi wasn’t sure who to turn to. Eventually, Trudi’s mother made the decision to end her 21 year marriage and live a new life with her lover. “When she left us, I felt like I’d lost my best friend.” Trudi has since reconciled with her mother, “We’ve become more open-minded and more accepting.” 

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Ray

Coming Up In Next Week
- Meet Cast Member Melissa and Crew Member Tiffani Horne

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