Friday, April 20, 2012

"I Thought It Was Forever" Weekly All Access Pass

From concept to creation and completion, the progress of a documentary like "I Thought It Was Forever" depends heavily on a well-experienced crew, a brave cast and donations from family members and friends. The film is like "Broke Back Mountain" meeting "Modern Family" and "Happily Divorced," only the people in "I Thought It Was Forever" are real, their stories candid and the outcome is unpredictable.

Throughout the online fundraising campaign to raise $15,000 in completion funds for the film, on this blog you will get a weekly in-depth look at a member of the cast and crew making the universal film possible. This week, Southern Belle Productions, LLC introduces you to cast member, Sue.

Sue’s Story
Photo Courtesy of Randy
A traditional family life with everything but a pet is exactly how Sue lived her life in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., married for more than two decades. Sue, although she had just about everything most women want, was hurting inside and void of ultimate happiness. She met Randy, the U.S. serviceman who fell in love with her madly, while Randy was stationed in England. “We met on a blind date. He was really nice and funny,” says Sue. After dating and later marrying in England, the couple began their American dream with their two children. “We went on a lot of vacations and had some wonderful times. I absolutely loved my children.”
Photo Courtesy of Randy
As her love for her children intensified, Sue’s desire to be intimate and in the same room as Randy became an emotional and physical wedge, eventually leading to their divorce. “I told him five years into the marriage that I was gay but he wanted an open relationship,” says Sue.  Randy admits he tried everything possible to hold onto his marriage, even meeting with Sue’s lover at the couple’s home, but denies Sue ever told him about her secret. “I even considered an open marriage, until the day Sue came home, skipped down the stairs with a rose and straddled her lover in front of me and kissed her,” says Randy. Sue vehemently denies Randy’s account.  “I want him to move on with his life and finally be happy. If he’s holding out for me to come back, that ain’t gonna happen,” says Sue.
Trudi/Photo Courtesy of Jeff Ray
Randy and Sue have two adult children, Trudi and Marc, who were witnesses to the unraveling of their parent’s marriage, just as the two were in the middle of their teenage years. The whole family is featured in “I Thought It Was Forever.” 
Sue & Jackie (Photo Courtesy of Jeff Ray)
Jackie, Sue’s partner is also in the film. “I know what people think but we don’t get married to men just so we can divorce them later and hurt them,” says Jackie.

Do you believe Sue or Randy’s account? What would you do if you came home and your wife told you she didn’t love you the way you want or deserve to be loved because she’s in love with a woman?  Leave a comment on this site or e-mail Maniko Barthelemy directly at   

Join us next week for a cast re-cap, in case you missed the previous editions of the weekly “I Thought It Was Forever” All Access Pass.

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