Monday, March 12, 2012

Sex, Lies, Marriage & Homosexuality in Film Coming Soon!

There's a very important reason the content on this page has been sporadic. For weeks, I've been exceptionally busy working on something exceptionally bold and pretty soon you'll get to see and say something about "I Thought It Was Forever." The film is a documentary that closes the gap left by blockbuster studio-financed films and traditional news coverage about extramarital affairs where the cheating spouse cheats with someone of the same-sex.

Getting married is the universal staple and symbol of the achieving the ultimate pursuit of lifelong happiness. Reportedly, nearly two million people know exactly how it feels when happily ever after is interrupted by a level of dishonesty no one is prepared to handle. Some respond violently to the betrayal, others consider murder-suicide, hide in self-pity and shame. Yet, there are a few who find the courage to pick up, start a new life and try not to let an emotional scar so significant blur their hopes and dreams of a happy life.

For several weeks some very brave people have allowed the Southern Belle Productions, LLC cameras to capture their candid reaction to a defining moment that will leave some of you silent, others shocked, sad or pissed. Everyone will indeed have an opinion. There's a lesson about choices, chances and consequences in "I Thought It Was Forever" that no one should underestimate or dismiss. Assume Nothing. The trailer is coming to this site in 48 hours. Join the conversation at

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