Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Southern Belle Productions Releases "I Thought It Was Forever" Trailer

      The pursuit of lifelong happiness is complete for millions of people when they find, fall in love with and marry their ideal spouse. With the help of some very brave people, willing to be completely candid, “I Thought It Was Forever” is a 60-minute documentary in revelatory fashion that shows just how happily ever after can unravel into an urgent and unnerving question whether to leave forever.

     As you’ll see, the answer isn’t as clear cut…as most would think, especially when a promise is just as tough to keep as a secret. I invite you to help support and take “I Thought It Was Forever” to the next phase.
A team of committed filmmakers, including myself, are so sure “I Thought It Was Forever” is an important, universal film about trust, compromise and coming to grips with reality versus embracing fantasy, up to this point, Southern Belle Productions, LLC has self-financed the production and donated nearly 200 hours of our time to factual research, conducting interviews, as well as writing and editing.

         We invite you to make a tax deductible donation, to help us complete the film. Every dollar you donate helps bring “I Thought It Was Forever” to a theater near you or a broadcast cable network. Here's the link to the official trailer and fundraising site: As always, your comments are absolutely important, so please watch the trailer, share your comment and donate to the completion of the film.

Feel free to contact Maniko Barthelemy, executive producer of "I Thought It Was Forever" at

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