Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"I Thought It Was Forever" Weekly All Access Pass

by Alleathea Carter-Perkins & Tiffani Horne

From concept to creation and completion, the progress of a documentary like "I Thought It Was Forever" depends heavily on a well-experienced crew, brave cast and donations. Throughout the 60-day campaign to raise completion funds for the film, on this blog you will get an in-depth look at a member of the cast and crew making the universal film possible. This week, Southern Belle Productions, LLC introduces you to the cinematographer and still photographer, Jeff Ray and cast member Randy.

Here's the "I Thought It Was Forever" trailer link:

Jeff Ray is by day a Graphic Artist at Custom Ink, Jeff Ray designs and personalizes everything from aprons and caps to cups and shirts. By night, lights, cameras and lots of action intertwine, as his film and photography hobbies weave a creative edge in D.C.’s independent music industry. Jeff shoots, edits and directs various types of music, promotional and instructional videos with an ingenious edge on each project. When asked why he wanted to work on “I Thought It Was Forever,” Jeff replied, “It’s going to be interesting.”
His favorite shoots so far, during production of “I Thought It Was Forever,” are those of Trudi and Preston. Trudi’s the oldest child of Sue and Randy. Trudi’s husband, Preston is a D.C area chef. Apparently, great people and a good meal are all it takes to keep this filmmaker happy on set.  During Trudi’s interview shoot, her husband, Preston, made homemade carrot soup and baguettes for the crew.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Ray
Ray recently graduated from American University in Washington, DC, where he earned a master’s degree in Producing for Film and Video. He is currently working on a documentary about a boxer who came within 24hours of winning an Olympic medal, then tragedy struck. He’s also writing a script for a feature film that replaces the grit and gore of slavery with an unpredictable and mysterious view. To learn more about Ray, be sure to check out upcoming editions of the “I Thought It Was Forever” All Access Pass.

Randy's Story
“I seriously considered having an open relationship because I cherished, adored and loved Sue, says Randy, in his interview for "I Thought It Was Forever.”

The Producers of Southern Belle Productions, LLC introduces Randy. He takes exceptional comfort in his long distance relationship with his girlfriend, who lives in Los Angeles. “I think I do it to protect myself from the hurt I experienced when I thought I had the woman and family of my dreams. I don’t think I’ll ever fully love someone that way again,” says Randy.
Photo courtesy of Lawrence Dortch
At one time, the major league baseball fanatic’s life was perfect. During the late ‘70s, while stationed in England, Randy met Sue through a friend. The two dated sporadically, eventually married and began a family, shortly before to moving to the D.C. area. On the couple’s 21st wedding anniversary, Randy says an e-mail led to the disintegration of the lifestyle that defined Randy and gave him his drive. “I loved being a father, husband and friend,” says Randy.
Photo courtesy of Randy
Coming Up Next Week:
- Meet Sue, Randy's ex-wife and Trudi, Randy and Sue's oldest child.

-Meet Crew
Member Alleathea Carter-Perkins

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