Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"I Thought It Was Forever" Weekly All Access Pass

by Alleathea Carter-Perkins & Tiffani Horne

From concept to creation and completion, the progress of "I Thought It Was Forever" depends heavily on a well-experienced crew and brave cast. Throughout the 60-day campaign to raise completion funds for the film, on this blog you will get an in-depth look at a member of the cast and crew making the universal film possible. This week, Southern Belle Productions, LLC introduces you to the director of photography, Lawrence Dortch and cast member Carolyn.

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Dortch

Lawrence Dortch’s expertise and talent have taken him from the shores of sunny Los Angeles, CA to distant lands such as Cambodia, Spain, and Singapore. As an avid and seasoned Producer and Director of Photography, he brings a wealth of production knowledge to the set of “I Thought It Was Forever,” and is excited about the film’s debut. “I love hearing and then telling other people’s stories,” says Dortch. 
Dortch’s most recent film is an award-winning short. “One Punch at a Time” is a short documentary about Asia Stevenson a female boxer fighting out of Headbangers Boxing Club in Washington, DC. Stevenson hopes to win the 2012 gold medal in boxing at the 132lbs weight class. "One Punch at a Time," follows Stevenson through her training and into the regional championships where she has to fight to win to qualify for the U.S. national team.
Photo courtesy of Lawrence Dortch
For his work on “One Punch at a Time,” Dortch won a 2011 award of merit for short documentary in the California best shorts competition. The film screened at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza, the Alexandria Film Festival and the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival. It was recently nominated for a 2011 Audience Favorite Visions Award in Washington, DC.
Here’s a link to “One Punch at a Time”

Dortch is a Producer for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. He spent many years as a sports and entertainment magazine photographer and has a Master’s Degree in Film Production from American University. To learn more about Dortch, be sure to check out upcoming editions of the “I Thought It Was Forever” All Access Pass.
"He Said He Married Me Because He Didn't Want to Be Gay."

Carolyn’s Story
Carolyn, a retired State Department executive saw her marriage of three decades shatter after a stunning revelation. Her 30 plus year partnership ended when her husband realized and confessed, he could no longer live a fa├žade. Carolyn’s then-husband decided to live his life happily and honestly as a homosexual male.
Carolyn Lowengart & Maniko Barthelemy
Photo courtesy of Maniko Barthelemy
These days Carolyn is all about healing and  helping others. She volunteers with the Straight Spouse Network and attends other counseling sessions. To learn more about Carolyn's story, and the story of others, log on to and view the trailer for “I Thought It Was Forever.”  We also invite you to e-mail your comments directly to Maniko Barthelemy at

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